Transforming the Electoral Oligarchy of the United States of America into a participatory democracy

A New Strategy: TRIMBLE 4 25

I have undertaken a personal path toward democratizing my corner of the country.  I am running for Congress in Texas’ 25th Congressional district.  The key element of my campaign is that I am promising the people of this district that I will establish a democratic process here that will enable all citizens in the district to express their ideas in a meaningful way, and for the ideas of the people to have a clear path for progressing to me, or whoever the Congressional representative may be.  If I am elected, I can guarantee the establishment of this process, and that I will use that resource to stay in tune with the people of the district, and to ensure that I will vote in Congress as a directed representative of the people of the district, and not for corporations or other special interests.  However, even if I am not elected, if we can develop some momentum in the campaign, then we may be able to continue with the creation of this mechanism for getting the people into the discussions that affect their lives.  Furthermore, if we set up this system, the people will also be able to use it to influence other elected representatives at all levels of government.

For more info about my campaign go to Scott Trimble for Congress.  Remember: A vote for TRIMBLE IS a vote for DEMOCRACY.


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