Transforming the Electoral Oligarchy of the United States of America into a participatory democracy

The so-called “War on Terrorism”

The whole idea that terrorism can be “defeated” by waging a military campaign is asinine, and has been from the start. There are social, cultural, political, and economic reasons that people turn to such drastic tactics to achieve their goals, and bombing innocent civilians, imposing a police state, torture, indefinite detention, etc. are not going to do anything to fix those reasons. The war on terrorism is just going to create more terrorists. That should be fairly simple to figure out, but of course, the Bush administration, and possibly the subsequent administration, whether Republican or Democrat, is hoping we aren’t smart enough to see that. Unfortunately, too many Americans for far too long bought into their lies, and even now a significant enough portion of the population, including many members of Congress, either still believes it, or pretends to for political reasons.

However, the only way we are ever going to “win” a “war on terrorism” is to first ask what are the real causes of terrorism, and to honestly search for the real answers. Only then will we realize that it is not a military task and that using the military only takes us farther from that goal. However, if anything positive has come out of our military adventures in this so-called war on terrorism, it is that Jon Powers spent enough time in Iraq to realize the truth. “[M]oved by his experience at war and driven to action, Jon sought to help those in Iraq whose voices are least heard – Iraqi children, many of whom have known only war their entire young lives. Jon returned to Baghdad and founded War Kids Relief, a nonprofit organization aimed at assisting the youth of Iraq, providing them the resources and education needed to avoid recruitment by radical and terrorist organizations.” (from a letter from Jon Soltz)

Apparently, now Powers is planning to run for Congress. If you live in Tom Reynolds’ district in the Buffalo, NY area, please consider voting for Jon Powers in ’08. If you have some money to donate, consider donating to War Kids Relief or his campaign. If you’d like to check out his blog, go here.


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