Transforming the Electoral Oligarchy of the United States of America into a participatory democracy

An even simpler way

Another even simpler idea that could begin the process of transforming our political process into a more democratic one would be to eliminate the current Representative Districts, and just have each state send a delegation of five Representatives to the House. Rather than one vote per Representative, which would just make the house a representation of the states like the Senate, instead elect the Representatives in a single five-seat race, using the Single Transferable Vote method (in which voters rank their preferences) . In the end, everybody’s vote (with possible exceptions) will have counted for one candidate or another. Then, to make the House more representative of the people, each delegate would carry forth proxy votes based on the number of votes he/she received in the election. For ease of counting, those electoral tallies could be divided by some number (as long as they’re all divided by the same number, it should still remain a good representation of the people’s will).


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