Transforming the Electoral Oligarchy of the United States of America into a participatory democracy

Direct Control

While accountability and access give us some degree of self-governance (that is, democracy), in order to call our nation a democracy, which means rule by the people, we the people must actually be the final decision-makers on key issues. This would definitely require an amendment to the Constitution. What the exact wording or nature of that amendment might be would require a larger debate, perhaps in a Constitutional Convention, to determine what measures would require a referendum from the people, and which could be passed by Congress without a referendum. At first glance, things like the budget and judicial nominations seem like key issues on which the people should be able to weigh in directly, but the budget is usually one of those huge and tedious documents that most people would rather not delve into. But perhaps we could require Congress, upon approving a budget to prepare a stripped down referendum to be put to a national vote. It might say: the overall budget for fiscal year XXXX will be $A.bc Trillion, N% of which ($D Billion) will be spent on education, M% ($E Billion) will be spent on health care, L% ($F Billion) to be spent on highways and roads, etc. Judicial nominations, if we allow judges to continue to be appointed by the President, or whatever Executive body we may replace that position with, should be approved by the people. I also think any bill which passes Congress, but carries less than a 75% majority, should be put to the people in a referendum. Perhaps we might even say that all bills should be approved by the people. It is something to discuss.


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